We sold our car at sellanycar.com and it has been a miserable experience. They advertise with sell your car in 30 minutes but thy can better call it sell your car in 30 hours.

It took us hours before they inspected our car and gave us a very low car. After a while negotiating we were able to raise the price a little. They cannot provide you with the cash but only transfer the money to your account. The transfer can only be done after your transfer the title to them.

A day later they called me that there was an issue with the car and that they cannot transfer payment or they would like to renegotiate the price of the car. I had to go back again to take care of all of this. Finally they promised the payment would be done the same day. A day later I have not received the money.

They deduct all kind of charges from your amount that they cannot justify.

I request them to show receipts for the costs that they claim they have but they are unable to provide this. Please do not use this company!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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